Hadri Taekwondo Junior/Adults classes

Junior and Adult Taekwondo Classes (+10 Year old)

If you are looking for a quality Taekwondo Martial Art School in East London then look no further. Hadri Taekwondo is an established club that has a proven track record of producing quality martial artists and Black Belts.

What will I learn?

Students at Hadri Taekwondo will learn spectacular array of fluid and powerful kicks which are complemented with blocks, punches and flowing foot work. Students will improve fitness, stamina and strength through vigorous workouts and exercise routines, flexibility through dynamic and static stretching, mental strength through Poomse (patterns) and meditation.

Hadri Taekwondo has a structured syllabus which is taught to all students covering kicking, punching, sparring, personal and weapons self-defense. As students progress through the belt system and techniques become more challenging and advanced.

For competitors Hadri Taekwondo holds regular squad training to develop elite fighters to their maximum potential. The club regularly competes at local, national and international competition and already has a National and International Champions.

There is something for everyone.

What's the best age to start?

Any age is the answer. In our Junior/Adults classes we accept students for the ages of 10+ year old. Of course younger the better but we have students that have started in their late 30's and 40's who are now Black Belts and qualified instructors.

How do we join?

Our classes are running throughout the year and during school holidays so to join you simply pop into class. Do drop us a quick call to have a chat so we can give you some extra information before you begin.

About the instructors

Classes are taught by highly experience instructor Master Esrar Ahmed a 5th DAN Black Belt. Hadri Taekwondo instructors are enhanced CRB checked and fully qualified instructors with the BTCB. Master Esrar also has the prestigious Kukkiwon Instructors Qualification form Korea's World Taekwondo Academy. So you will be receiving the highest quality Martial Arts training.

Class Details

Classes in Walthamstow
Class Instructor: Master Esrar Ahmed
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00pm (arrive 15 min early for registration)
Age Group: 10+ Years old
Venue: Asian Centre, 18 Orford Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 9NL

Classes in Bethnal Green
Class Instructor: Master Esrar Ahmed
Day/Time: Saturdays 2:00 - 4:00pm (arrive 15 min early for registration)
Age Group: 10+ Years old
Venue: Main Hall, Bethnal Green Academy, Gosset Street, London, E2 6NW

More details available on all our class at www.hadritkd.co.uk our main website.



Hadri Taekwondo Academy is a full member of the British Taekwondo, Kukkiwon, WTF. Our instructors are fully qualified, CRB checked & registered with British Taekwondo

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